Picture ABC

With My Picture ABC children can learn new words easily on the iPad with the help of beautiful pictures.
Unlimited learning experience is guaranteed, as individual pictures can be added quickly to the App.

The App is intended for children who have already made their first steps in their reading development.
All letters and the forming of words should be mastered.

There are different categories...

Different Categories

... with 16 pictures each.

16 verschiedene Bilder

To solve a word, just drag the letters into the boxes in the correct order.
When all boxes are filled, the owl gives feedback if the word is correct.

Solve a word

The level of difficulty can be set with different options:

    • A word can be read aloud
    • Letters can be displayed as a preview
    • Number of random - and thus unfitting letters - can be set
    • Switch between English and German


When the "Public Categories" are not sufficient, personal image series can be created very easily with own personal images on the iPad.

This way new words can be learnt any time.

Personal Categories

How it works is shown here:


Free / Premium Version

My Picture ABC is available in a free trial and a premium version in the App Store. 
If you like the free version, the premium version is just right for you!

Free Premium
Currently 8 categories (Local Animals, Zoo, Traffic, Colors, Nature, Buildings, Fruits and Xmas Special) and more to come
New categories will automatically be available (no further In-App Purchases required)
Unlimited private categories with 16 images each can be created
No advertisements